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My cat not thrilled about her foodie anymore

Hi, I could use some advice here

Scully (my cat) is healthy, not long ago she had a general checking at the vet, she acts normal and all except that she's not very thrilled with her food anymore.
At the I beginning used to give her dry food (she loved it) but she used to vomit a lot, because she ate it fast and too much, I changed to canned food and she loved it. But about 4 weeks ago she eats her food but when she sees it, it's like.. "Oh more of this" and sniffs it, leaves and later comes back and eats a little and so on until she eats most (always leaves left overs). So I changed back to dry (this time trying whiskas) she liked it better, more enthusiastic than before but still not thrilled about it really.
She gets hungry but just not too excited about eating what I'm giving her.

Any options that you could advice?
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