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Thumbs down TLC dog food made my bulldog sick

We purchased TLC dog food on the recommendation of a friend. After going to the website and seeing their "risk free" guarantee we figured, why not try it out.

We have a 1 year old English bulldog, and she was fine and healthy before we bought this food. We were only switching because the convenience of home delivery was attractive, and the website said this food was healthy and natural.

As soon as we switched, she experienced the following symptoms:
diarrhea - horrible - she was unable to maintain her housetraining and pooped around the house at least once a day, I assume due to urgency
pawing at her eyes
yeast in her nose wrinkle
general decrease in energy and enthusiasm

We waited a week to see if the symptoms would abate but they did not, so we tried to invoke the company's guarantee. The company would only refund us if we shipped the food back, our cost. Shipping two bags of dog food back to them would have cost as much as we paid for the food itself! We explained this to the company but they would not budge on this.

So I definitely cannot recommend TLC dog food for an English bulldog and would not recommend this company overall.
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