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Hey again. Sooo last night I went over for a bit and sat with him and he was totally unresponsive for a while, then perked up a bit and was purring. By the next morning he was doing great- eating, drinking, pooping, peeing. He was still neurological, but not that bad. He was playing with his toys as well.

He has suddenly crashed again this afternoon. Two of our vets looked at him and we have nooo idea We are sending out bloodwork to check his liver function. Now I am petsitting him while she is at class for the evening, and he's become completely flat out. He is stiff, cold and unresponsive. He is barely breathing. This is worse than it was last night, but the same symptoms. We were hoping after he bounced back earlier that he would be okay, but now he is doing horribly.

Also since he accidently bit her the other day and I have had my hands in his mouth to check his gums and force feed him, we have to treat this as a rabies case. So he's "quarantined" as of yesterday... not that it matters to me as I'm already vaccinated so I've opted to just keep helping her care for him but if he passes away we have to do rabies testing which of course everyone is not happy about.

Wish us luck that he either recovers or can pass peacefully tonight
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