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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
Unless they've changed their formula, I found the pine pellets really tracked all over the last time I used it, which was some time ago. Is this the same thing or is this something new that clumps better? I also found the pine smell quite strong. Recently I tried Swheat Scoop, but had to go back to my usual clumping clay litter (with baking soda) as my girl liked it initiallly but then started refusing to cover up anything. She's fine on the clumping clay litter. My 2 cats share a covered litter tray, which they do so willingly, I scoop 2x/day, so never have litter stuck to bottom of tray, and pour in the litter slowly just off the bottom of the tray which eliminates raising "a cloud of dust". The addition of baking soda seems to cancel any cat odour with the litter, tho I do change litter completely every 6 wks. It's a little dustier than the pine or Swheat Scoop, but not overly--if you lift the clumps and poops slowly and don't stir the litter vigourously.
Catlover2 .. I believe there is a difference between the pine pellets and the clumping pine litter. The clumping pine is really quite fine grained. It does track, but less than what we experienced with clay litter. It is much easier to clean up with the vacum or broom when it does track. I have never used the pellets so I cant speak to the cleanup/tracking with it.

Hope this helps.
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