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Need help for friends sickly foster kitten

Hey everyone! I know, I was bad and disappeared for a few weeks again Had alot going on so haven't really had the chance to sit down at the computer much.

My friend has a foster kitten, aprx. 3 months old that is extremely small and underweight. He was brought into the shelter about a month ago after someone found him on the side of a trail at a nature park. He was infested with baby ticks, flea's and very dehydrated.

We fixed him up... was doing really good but now within the past couple days he's been very lethargic, has had bad diarrhea and just tonight he projectile vomited everywhere. He's not on *that* great of food, but even now that he's on A/D (yes, science diet but i must say A/D does work for whatever odd reason )... still not doing well. giving him fluids... still severely underweight.

he's got some spunk in him, but for a kitten he really should be playing with toys and chasing people and stuff... he's more just like blaahhhh unless you encourage him to actually do anything.

FIV/FeLV Snapp test= negative
Fecal I believe showed coccidia, and he's been dewormed and has been on albon for a fair amount of time.
Gums are pink

Is on Orbax suspension currently, giving kitten Nutrical. He has no obvious "symptoms" in a sense. Ears, eyes, nose clear. The only odd thing is he is drooling excessively and his skin feels overly thick. I'm not sure how to describe it, but obviously I have dealt with ALOT of cats and kittens, and his skin just does not feel right. It feels like the skin of a sickly dying cat.

Any suggestions? We were going to run a Panleuk/Parvo test on him.. but it's just very weird. I am thinking failure to thrive, but he still has enough energy in him to fight off the meds and everything.
Any help greatly appreciated. The vet that saw him today didn't know what was going on.
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