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Bella has lost 1/2 a poind since Monday but the Conjunctivitus has cleared up. The Vet injected her with Convenia that is an antibiotic that is supposed to last for 14 days. It has nearly two hours and I have not noticed an improvement. Peak action time in cats is supposed to be two hours. But the doctor is ok with pediatric nasal drops, a humidifier... She gave me Nurturall-C that I swear smells and looks just like Similac

The only problem that I have is helping Bella get rid of the stuff in her nose. I don't have a bulb or syringe with a small enough tip to place into the nostril to pull out the goobers. If I position my smallest syringe over the opening and get a good seal I can get some out but I have to be gentle.

I sincerely hope that Bella makes it.
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