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Thank you for your replies. And thank you for your condolences. Lucky was a wonderful lady that was rescued from the middle of the street in a blinding rain storm. I stuffed her in my jacket and rode her home on a motorcycle. She was very sick and I nursed her back to health. While in the hospital with my daughter Lucky got an abscessed tooth that was critical. She waited for me to return home and the solution was painfully obvious. But I am so much richer having Lucky Bear as my friend. We live in the mountains overlooking Southern California and she was laid to rest next to a new, growing pine tree.

The sick kitten is ~2 months old. The only medication being given by the Vet is Gentamicin. Reading many other forums I came across Similac as a better substitute for KRM but can accept that KRM may actually be better. I couldn't find any. But Bella is not being treated with an antibiotic. Just Gentamicin. The same with pediatric nasal drops and they allow her nasal passages to open up. I have managed to go from green discharge to not so green to clear. But she is still very congested. The humidifier really helps and I'll go in and find her sprawled in her bed on her back just breathing. Bella is eating and drinking, but not wet food. She puts up a good fight and meows pretty good, too!

She was so cute this morning. As much as I wrap her in a towel to protect myself, and I am sure that Bella hates me at this point, I found her sleeping next to me. Buddy decided that he wanted to play and used my now bloody nose as a launching pad. Like I said, a troublemaker!
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