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Persistent Upper Respiratory Infection

My 23 1/2 year old cat passed away several weeks ago. My 8 year old daughter has brain cancer and I wanted to soften the blow by going to the shelter and getting a kitten. We ended up with two 2 month old Tabby's. Both were examined at the local VCA and treated for ring worms.

The 1st Tabby is a troublemaker and will fit in fine around here!

The second one has a persistent URI. I have been treating her with Gentamicin from the Vet, a warm cloth to clear the nasal passages followed by very, very small drops of nasal drops, and Similac for hydration and vitamins. KRM doesn't seem as vitamin packed and other sites recommend Similac.

She doesn't seem to be getting better and it has been a week. Her eyes are glazed, but she fights back pretty good when I treat her. She does eat and drink on her own, but not enough. I also have a humidifier in the room and she has learned to sit close to it and it helps her breathe. Expecting that she has a secondary bacterial infection I have Bactrim, but grape flavored wasn't appreciated.

I don't know what else to do short of taking her back to the shelter for a refund and a certain death. With the cancer I am pretty broke but I love cats so dearly that I just cannot give up just yet. I have a 13 yr. old Russian Blue and a Calico that I am keeping away, and the cage mate from the shelter is being given Gentamicin prophylactically. Keeping Buddy away from Bella is an act in itself. He hears her squirm and comes running to her aid. My daughter stays clear as well.

What are my options?
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