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Unhappy trouble with Westjet

So we are flying Westjet to Ontario with our dog at the end of the month.
I printed the Westjet instructions for the pet crate, "maximum height 26 inches", and realized that our crate is 27 inches high. I called the Westjet number and was told that I would have to go to the airport and talk to the baggage handlers to see if this crate is OK, or buy another crate.
I called all around Calgary to buy another crate and it seems that the big dog crates are usually 27 inches or larger, and the next size down is really small - around 21 inches high. Our dog is a rough collie, and so would not fit in the smaller boxes.
Westjet employees have been really NASTY. I don't have time to come in to Calgary, and line up at Calgary airport to find out if our crate is OK.. It would be a disaster if we are refused at the check in.
I've asked to talk to a Westjet superior, but it was the same thing: "Go to the airport and talk to the baggage handlers". Why can't they talk to their own baggage handlers and get back to me?
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