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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
I have a science and medical background too and I have a hard time with understanding some of the claims on various websites people have posted on here....

It also boils down to common sense, reading the labels and asking the question "Does this make sense?"

Should carnivores eat corn, wheat, barley?

Why doesn't the manufacturer list the specific meat?

Should pets not eat FRESH food, rather than processed? What is better for humans?

Should a diet consist of constant dry food with a very inefficient way to take in water? Pets don't have cups to gulp down liquid, only their tongues. How would we feel if we ate crackers all day, then tried to lick up water with our tongues? Probably chronically thirsty. How does nature intend them to get water? With there food, of course, so kibble diet just doesn't make sense.
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