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I applaud you for not being bullied by your old vet. I've worked in a clinic myself, and I am ashamed to say I've used similar lines on clients "OH MY GOD THAT"S CRAP FOOD YOU'RE KILLING YOUR CAT!" Ok, maybe not that bad, but still. And why? Because I heard what the vets told me...and those vets were simply passing on information from the pet food reps that supplied our clinic. It SOUNDED good.

When it comes to cats, I think there's one extraordinarily simple concept that most people can understand, and if you let it guide your research and your food choices, you can't go wrong. It's this: cats are obligate carnivores. Period. Their digestive system, their dentition, heck even the facial all indicates a strictly carnivorous diet. Going against that basic biological fact simply cannot be good for the animal.
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