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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Seeing as this thread was started to "educate" people about cheaper foods for their pets and to have it under one posting please let me add something.

If I were feeding only one or two cats I would be feeding them the best I could afford. That would be Wellness or other grain free, by product free food. Or I would be doing the best I could to switch them to raw which is the optimum cat diet. I don't only feed one or two. Because of that I have taken the time to do my research and know what to look for.

When looking at cheaper foods try to avoid the gravy ones as they are the ones most likely to contain wheat gluten, the major cause of the last food recall. Read labels and as much as you can avoid grains, corn, and by products. If a main ingredient is questionable; IE: "meat" gravy; avoid it. How do you know what meat it is? What animal did it come from?

The most important thing is if you are going to feed a dry food only diet you are going to have an unhealthy cat in the future. Please use canned food and supplement with dry if needed. If you are only feeding one or two cats I don't know why the "if needed" would be there. Never ever add water to a dry food. Molds start to grow within 20 minutes of the food being wet. You can add extra water to canned foods to make sure your cat is getting the fluids it needs.

Most of us want what is best for our pets or we wouldn't have joined a pet site. Unfortunately the "average Joe" may love his pet but does not take the time to do research. Joe believes the advertisements with the cute kittens, roly poly puppies, and dogs that have been starved before doing a commercial and therefore will eat just about anything put in front of them. JMO
Very good information.

My cats eat both wet and dry, when kibbles get water on them they are gross.
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