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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
Yes, I see that. Thanks.
I've had the diet/kibble thing explained to me a few times now....

Why do you guys think so many people use IAMS, etc if they are so bad and there is better alternatives??
Because many people do not do research into canine or feline nutrition and do not understand that IAMS and the like are not good quality food. Plain and simple. Which is why we strive to educate people on here. Many people believe that to feed their pets a higher quality diet will be too much for them to afford and are not aware that it can be done for almost as cheap, if not cheaper, than a garbage food. You can't look at the cost based on bag, can etc. it's not that cut and dry.

Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
Honestly, I feel bad for the average pet owner. Don't trust the vets, they're in bed with the companies. Vets don't know much about pet food anyway. (how would it be if I were to tell people not to trust their doctor all the time - health care would be a mess!) Don't trust the shelter you got the pet from, they're in bed with them too. It's "common sense" to not trust the guy at the store, who (of course) is trying to sell you his products.

How are people supposed to know?

Most people I know will trust their vets (their pet's doctor!).
Yes, unfortunately most people do trust their vets believing that they are the god of all things animal. They know plenty, but unfortunately most vets do not receive alot of information of nutrition in vet school, and what they do learn is funded by some of the major pet food companies, kind of bias don't you think? Vets also receive a portion of the pet food sales sold in their clinic, so their opinion on nutrition is slightly jaded. But there are some vets out there who are becoming more knowledgeable on the topic.

Shelters are not always "in bed" with the pet food companies. Sometimes they are sponsored by a specific company, sometimes they just feed whatever is donated. They can't be picky.

Again, important to do your research!! That way, when you go to the vet, the pet store, etc. and they try to sell you a garbage food you can explain why you would not feed that food to your pet.
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