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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
Honestly, I feel bad for the average pet owner. Don't trust the vets, they're in bed with the companies. Vets don't know much about pet food anyway. (how would it be if I were to tell people not to trust their doctor all the time - health care would be a mess!) Don't trust the shelter you got the pet from, they're in bed with them too. It's "common sense" to not trust the guy at the store, who (of course) is trying to sell you his products.

How are people supposed to know?

Most people I know will trust their vets (their pet's doctor!).
I trust my vet with the most important things in my pets!! I do not however accept the "prescription" food her office sells. When discussing the ingredients, and alternatives....making my own, adding fibre/supplements to my currently used diets etc. she does not say use mine or your pets are in trouble. She appreciates that many of the prescription diets sold in her office have CORN or a derivitive of such as a first ingredient and accepts my decision NOT to use them, but to allow me to invest more time where needed to provide a healthier option.
There is however, a large number of clients who insist that if the diet comes from the vet and is prescription, and costs must be better. It is these folks, the ones who believe without research, that the prescription diets are on the shelves for.
Bottom line, feed your aninals what you want. It is your decision and we are not going to persuade you to do otherwise. You have your ideas, we, as individuals also have ours...we are not a group mind, but separate and what we decide to do for our pets, may not be right for you.
By the way...Petsmart had a large supply of IAMS, should you need it.
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