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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post

So basically there IS no alternative on the shelves, is that what people here are saying?
Originally Posted by driver8 View Post

Like I said, I guess there IS no alternative.
You know what driver8 ? If you had taken the time to do research here , you would have find those infos. We have talked about it many times in the food forums , you thread is not innovating anything. but I guess research is not your forte.

So yes , $14.99 for a 20 lbs of cat kibble at Costco. But there's another thing you don't seem to have any ideas about ... cats shouldn't be fed only kibble. They need wet food into their diets (if you need to know why , research on the food forums and everything is explained there) so like 14+ mentioned , there's some Fancy feast flavors that don't have any by-product. And like LuckyPenny tried to explain to you , if you look for chicken and beef on special to make your own raw diet , even better and cheaper.
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