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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
I guess there was no point in this thread because there are no alternatives and so the thread might as well be closed. YOu either get good or you get cheap.
Driver8 - If you insist on insisting that "we" are not listening please read the following which I posted in your other thread at 11:12 pm Sept 13, post #35. You seem to have skimmed over it and picked out one part you didn't like and responded to it. If you notice - I bolded it for you here - I gave you a "healthier alternative" for a dry cat food that costs less per feeding than your little bag of Iams. It is the 20 pound bag of food from Costco which averages between $13.99 to $14.99. Price per feeding would work out considerably less for that than feeding the tiny bag of Iams @ what? 12.99 a bag? I think that is what it is sold for in the store I work in.

BUT - with the help of this forum and a lot of reading and educating myself as to what is good/bad for my cats I know dry foods filled with grain/corn and tons of by products are only harming my cats. My cats go through close to 300 cans of food a week. That would be a mix of the cheaper foods, some Fancy Feasts, Performatrin Ultra, Wellness, and other good foods if I can find good deals on it. They get a small amount of dry to supplement but I make sure it is the best dry I can afford. I chose ones that do not have grain or corn in them. If you must feed dry then Kirkland brand from Costco is a better choice for people on a budget. The first ingredients in it is chicken. Not by products of chicken. Chicken. Not grain or corn. Even if you don't have a membership I would bet lots of your friends do and would be willing to pick up a bag. Please make sure your cat(s) always have plenty of fresh water available to them as they will be chronically dehydrated.
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