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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
Yes I get it.
The statement was "you can feed a lot better for cheaper". Not "If you spend more now it night save down the road".
wasn't me who made the statement so can't answer for the other person.
So basically there IS no alternative on the shelves, is that what people here are saying?

BTW everyone here needs to realise I understand that IAMs is not the best food out there. I'm not on here trying to fight for the right to feed my cats crap. So take the mcdonalds arguments off now please because that's not the point. I'm convinced, you can stop with the "educating".
considering you just said you aren't trying to start a fight this statement is rather rude don't you think..I have been nothing but polite to you and this thread is not just for you it is for anyone else wanting to know about feeding their kitties.
My point is that people use it for some good reasons, as do shelters. IS THERE an alternative in the same price range?
Now you didn't answer my question,,,are you looking for a good food or anything that is is a dime a dozen (just like McDonalds) good is another story.
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