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lol,,,Dear Emily??? who is Emily? I personally don't support PETA and also don't think that just because ANY company doesn't respond to them doesn't make them guilty i personally wouldn't respond to PETA i stated before i don't feed my animals orijen,wellness or any of the other kibbles or canned. My dogs are fed raw (which is a whole other topic).

Seriously Driver8,,it is fine with me personally if you don't agree with my choice of what to feed my dog,,,neither of my pets have been in need of vet care due to illness. You seem to have the impression that people here are all well off financially (which isn't true)..There are people here who have spent countless hours researching pet foods to provide their pets with the best. I know of several who are retired and on a limited income,,one works to support their countless kitties,,etc. I would rather spend a little more on this end to feed my pets than alot more later on vet bills.
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