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I have ALOT of animals but not much coin sadly...

I feed my cats canned Wellness, Evo, Evolve, or whatever is on sale at a specialty store. I also do feed Nurti Source dry for breakfast (not ideal to feed kibble...I know)

My GSD gets fed Acana Pacifica which is not as good as Orijen but it is what I can afford. The little breeds get whatever hollistic food that is on sale.

I make my own dog food if I cannot afford can which I mix in with the kibble. It is a boiled chicken, rice, peas, and carrots mixed in with plain yogurt. This is for the little breeds only as the GSD cannot stomach chicken. He always gets can Merrick, or Natural balance and all dogs get Tripe.

I have learned alot on this forum on good nutritian. It has saved 1 cat for sure by feeding her only can Evo. Had I not listened to these knowledgeable people, she would have been lost forever.

I always say where there is a will there is a way. I make sure that my animals get the best I can provide. I do so by cutting back on trivial things that I personally do not need.
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