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3 Female Degus

Hey All,

I've recently decided that I would like to keep Degus as pets. I searched for them online and found a mother and two girls (1.5 year old, 5months old) and am preparing housing for them. Wondering if this is suitable. 42"x24"x24", indoor/ourdoor carpet, melamine back and ramps, I think the plastic wheel will get destroyed but we'll see I guess. Have a peek and tell me if you see anything that looks dangerous or unfit for them. I am going to use a mix of guinea pig food and chinchilla food with timothy hay on the floor, toilet paper rolls for toys and a rope to climb and chew as well. Two food dishes to eliminate squabbling and a water dish, and some chew sticks. I also have a sand bath and chinny sand for the the once a week hour spa.

I'll upload a pic soon. Apparently the uploader doesn't like SUSE.

I've never kept these guys before so I'm just making sure I won't have issues or cause them undue danger.

Thanks in advance,

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