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Originally Posted by mastifflover View Post and in this one they say it is not the first time they have been caught 2008
These are just a few of the videos and articles there are worse but the last one is 2008 and if the ones you found are over 5 year old sort of says this is not stopping.
Yes Iams donates tons of food does not mean they are a good company it is a huge write off and the reason vets sell it is because of a little word called kickback and they also give vets to be scholarships.
Those are awful sites.
However, they contain only the old rehashed info about the exposures from 2002. I agree that what went on was appalling. But I'm convinced that there is not the same things going on now. If there was evidence of right now, I'd be on the phone now to the shelter in a heartbeat.

I don't think it's fair to tell people they are feeding their beloved pets something that contributes to cruelty unless you know for sure.
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