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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
driver8 , I really think you should start researching about pet food.

"Pet owners often rely on veterinarians to recommend brands and types of pet food. But the food we give to our pets, including the stuff made by companies commonly recommended by veterinarians, is a slow-acting poison, contaminated with toxins and chemicals, and hardly adequate nutritionally. It's made from the garbage of our own food-production processes, including dead, dying, decaying and decomposing animals. In some places, notably in Quebec but also in many states of the Union, even dead dogs and cats are picked up by rendering companies and mixed in with the rest of the unappetizing mess - along with their flea collars, identification tags and even the plastic bags used to carry their carcasses. "

this is from here and no , it's not Peta

and for more reading from Charles Danten , don't know if they have it in english but I guess you'll have to do your own research : "Un vétérinaire en colère: Essai sur la condition animale"
That guy seems like he's against having pets in general. He's definitely against commercial pet foods - seems like of all varieties.
I can't find where he talks about Iams, and all the books he lists are pretty old too, even if you wanted to go find them and verify where they got their info.

I volunteer at a shelter that feeds and supports iams, that has done an investigation to LOOK for cruelty there and found none. I'd like to know if there is something current I need to let the shelter admin know about in regards to this issue.
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