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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
I would but you choose to be against Peta , to close your eyes on everything they posted about that company. You obviously have your mind made up about this , including saying their food is good quality.

and you keep saying road kill ... I never mentioned anything about road kills. dead animals are not all road kills.
Someone else said road kill, if you read the thread.
Honestly, I can't even find real proof in the PETA page, just opinion and allegation. I don't mis-trust the info because it's PETA, I mistrust it because no one ELSE says it to back it up. These are the people who throw blood or red paint on people in public and stuff, yes, they lose credibility in my eyes.

I don't say anything about the quality of IAMS food. I simply object to non-proven accusations of animal cruelty when so many people use the product.

AGAIN. Saying it's not the best quality food is not the same as proving cruelty.

I think people should be careful what allegations they make against specific foods. If IAMS used cruelty in the past, sure some people would choose to not use the product. But if they aren't using any cruelty now, I think it's a personal judgment call if people are comfortable using their products now. I don't see anything wrong with people who use IAMS now if there is no cruelty now.

If a difference was made in past practices, it's a good thing.
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