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I don't have a chip on my shoulder. I do think this site puts off a lot of people with some of the food rhetoric, but that may be for a different thread.

I just think that in amongst the "you should use this food, it's better" posts, there should also be acknowledgment of what really goes on out there for many pet owners. Many, many people use these foods. I'm not saying they are the best foods.

The allegations made here are that millions of unsuspecting pet owners are contributing to a pet food manufacturer's cruelty, and I think if you are going to allege that, you need to provide current, up to date proof. Not "we know" from 20 years ago.

I have asked for current proof that IAMS uses cruel methods in its facilities.

Out of the links someone posted above, only one contained info as recent as 2006, and it was mainly allegations with no proof. Its "proof" is a description of writing by a reporter who wrote on the subject in 1997.

Again, saying that ____ food is lesser quality ingredients is different from proving there is cruelty and roadkill used in it.

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