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Originally Posted by driver8 View Post
Good food is one thing.
Not everyone can afford the brands pushed by the members of this site, and most pet owners just buy their pet food at the same place they buy their people food. It's not something to be snobby about, but it is just reality.
Many people do use this food. Like it or not.

If people are going to say things like "animal cruelty" and suggest that roadkill is used in the food, that is not about "good food versus crap food".

I eat KD sometimes, which is crap food for people. No one suggests that I am contributing to cruelty by buying it.
By the way not every food we suggest is expensive actually Iams is expensive for a bag of corn with a little rendered meat in it. But if you check Costco Kirkland food it is cheaper and much higher quality. We are not snobs but you have a chip on your shoulder my friend do the research before saying we do not know what we are talking about. The charges against these two are documented. Do the research Iams has had these cruelty charges leveled at them more than once.
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