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Originally Posted by LavenderRott View Post
I looked at their website and the ingredients of their "top of the line" premium foods - both canned and dry. Neither would make it in my front door.

The dry is full of corn in various forms and some lovely chicken by products (you know, the parts of the chicken that they can't use for anything else so they dump it in petfoods.).

The canned is worse! Meat by products (which can include euthanized animals and/or roadkill) and chicken by products are both listed in the top 4 ingredients.

"Can include"??? Give me a break.
Proof please that IAMS food contains "roadkill" or currently uses inhumane methods in testing and preparation.

There is a lot of judgment in this site about "what I would feed my animal", etc and people have a right to their opinions on that. The reality is that many pet owners use these products and if you are going to level accusations of cruelty and improper food practices, you should provide proof. \

What you like or don't like and what is nutritionally optimal, etc - does not equal cruelty or using "roadkill" in food.
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