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Originally Posted by Masha View Post
I have never combined raw and kibble because i read and was told that since kibble is slower to digest, it can lead to raw food lingering more than appropriate in the digestive tract and therefore starting to spoil and breed bacteria. Raw digests quickly in dogs and hence why dogs can eat all that meat without worrying about the bacteria in it - kibble blocking the raw from properly digesting is suposedly negating dog's ability to quickly digest raw.

Thats the info i got when i was switching from raw to kibble.... personally, i am not aware of any benefits/reasons for mixing...
I have heard the same information as you Masha. The info you posted is interesting though, rainbow.

For me it's just easier/more simple to feed all the dogs their RAW diet in the morning, and the kibble at night. I get confused as it is with all the supplements, meds, etc. with the four of them just feeding one type, never mind trying to mix the two!

But I have always been told the same info as Masha stated. I think I would be weary to mix the 2 for this very reason...
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