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I agree 100% with 14+K. Contact the shelter.

I deal with rhino quite a bit since I pull from various shelters. My vet has prescribed Zithromax which does absolute wonders for the cats that I have treated. This is by prescription only and costs about $60.00 but I think well worth the money.

In the defense of the shelter, most cats do get over this with meds. Animals are like people, some get over illnesses faster than others. I do not understand why people cannot remember that animals are as individual as we are and no one can make guarantees for ourselves let alone an animal. I am certain that the shelter staff are doing the best they can so do not take anything as being cheated. I am certain you were not as they were providing you with information based on experience. Your case may be different but in general they are correct with their statement if in fact it is rhino.

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