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You have accepted this kitten under your care , please do not hit a tiny, baby kitten. The rougher your are the rougher the kitten will be. Think of yourself as this baby's mother.

Do you have any stuffies about the size of your hand that you can give him so he can grab a hold of it and do "rabbit kicks". What about tying a stuffie to some string and have him chase it?

Please DO NOT allow your kitten outside, how is he going to defend himself? When he meows, he wants either attention or food, he doesn't care if he is outside, he just wants to be with people.

As for the food, please read this link:

The better informed you are, the better care you can provide to your kitty.

Please think if this kitty as a tiny baby with feelings and think how you would feel if you were lonely and wanted to play with your mom and she would just hit you, or you cried to be with her and she put you outside. Giving your kitty the love that it deserves will be returned to you 1000 fold in the unconditional love this kitty will show back to you.
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