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Difficult to change his diet


I have been trying for 7 months to change my CRF cats diet. He was on Wellness turkey for about a year, but he developed diarrhea. Losing fluids with CRF is a constant problem, so the vet whom I really respect suggested he go on Hill's WD. Well he did and loved it and the diarrhea was certainly controlled some. The only thing is he lost so much weight! It's so high in fiber, and he is always hungry and pooping. He was about 8.5 pounds now he's about 6.... just so boney. I have tried to introduce other diets such as ID, and back to KD ... then he starts vomiting. He is 18.5mo.old and I don't know if it's just a symptom of age, CRF and IBD or if he can spring back some with a diet change. I give him fluids about once a day now as it has been 3 years since he was diagnosed with CRF.

I keep thinking if I could land him on a good new diet he would have some more joy. I was giving him cooked ground kosher turkey for a treat 3 times a day in addition to the WD canned and dry... but his tummy is very upset now for about 2 days, so I quit the turkey for now. Could Wellness be helpful now?
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