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Originally Posted by Lauren D View Post
Catlover2 my cat was exactly 2 months when we got him. I tryed hitting him but he bites what hits him. If there is a body part in reach he'll lunge. I try smacking him when he starts scratching harded but he doesn't know. We have toys but moving objects are more fun! I really want to get him to stop but I can't understand why he can't. He would never bite someone out of hissing, hurting, or bugging him. Only in playtime. He meows at the door when someone goes outside or he sneaks outside and wants to go back out. If we are in the kitchen, and he is meowing-does he want up on the counter or does he want food? I only let him out really early in the morning or late at night when no one can see.
Ok - it's time to start being responsible now. DO NOT HIT YOUR KITTEN!! EVER!! He does not know he is doing something wrong. All he wants to do is play. That's it. Period. What is he doing to deserve to be hit? No hitting. No smacking. No nothing. If you can't stop hitting him then take him back to the farm where you got him. At least then he has a chance. This just ticks me off. Man!!
I and others have told you - when he bites give him a toy. Show him what to do for Pete's sake. Don't hit him for trying to play. Poor baby. If you get him a toy like I said, a wand type toy, it WILL be moving. Therefore he will go after it. Not your hand. All you have to do is try dragging a piece of yarn behind you or tie a piece of yarn to a toy and play with it with the kitten. He is a baby. It is going to take him a while to learn how to play right. You didn't learn overnight. Why do you think the kitten will?
Could I ask how old you are? Maybe that has a lot of bearing on how you are acting with your kitten. I have a feeling you are not very old at all.
Couple of other things. Kittens need MEAT and the proper nutrients that go with it. That means canned/wet kitten food. Not dry food with water added. That is not healthy for your kitten. He will be a very sick boy if you don't start feeding him right.
The other thing..... do not let him outside. EVER. He is too tiny to go outside yet. Definitely not by himself!! Really, you need to learn to look after your baby better. You can't get another kitten till you learn to look after the one you have.
I am sorry if I sound harsh but your kitten does not need to be treated this way. I know you can do much much better.
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