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I have just begun adoption proceedings with SOS Quebec Dog Rescue. I am now nervous reading that someone thinks this may be a puppy mill.

We made a severe error getting our dear Baylee from an ad on Kijiji. We were devestated after putting our 14 yr old Sadie to rest and went out immediately and wanted another pup. Baylee turned out to have the worst case of fear aggression and dominance issues my behaviourist had ever seen and we had to put her down after working with her for 8 mths to see if she would improve. She didn't. I could never find the guy again who sold her to us. It was the worst experience of my life.

We decided rescue was the way to go and I saw a perfect doll on petfinder. I e-mailed SOS Quebec and received an immediate response. I filled out an application, that while was detailed, was not too intrusive. I later received an e-mail that we have been approved for the puppy. I am now waiting for them to send the contract. "Sunshine" missed this weeks transport but should be in Ontario by the end of the month.

I will keep posting as the process continues and will look for any red flags. I must say I am now extremely nervous.
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