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How old is your cat? Is it still a kitten? Unfortunately, some kitties are taken from their momcat and littermates too early, and it's really between 7-11 weeks that they really learn how to socialize well with other cats and learn to inhibit their bite and control their claws. Taken too early, they often bite harder than otherwise, and biting is a way kitties will use to get another to play. If he bites you in the face, I would give a stern "No" and blow in his face, and then put him down on the floor, and give him a toy to distract him. You have to teach him boundaries of what is and is not acceptable behaviour. A light tap on the nose while saying "No" should be done every time he bites. It may seem cute in a little kitty, but can be annoying and harmful if the cat is older as they can break the skin with their teeth. For a very bold and very obstinate (dumb?) kitty, a slight swat with a newspaper will probably discourage him. It won't hurt him, but may startle him, and you probably only have to do it once or twice before he understands that's a no-no.

Two cats definitely amuse each other if they click well together, and drain off excess energy playing hard.
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