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Yes I do still live with her and my brother. I will try to answer all your questions. I have no yard. I live in a complex where I am not allowed a cat. Renting. I live on a road that is near a medium level road and farther down is a highway (which I don't think he'll go THAT far). But my road has an odd car go by. No dogs there since we aren't even allowed cats. At my dads house there is coyotes but we let him out on a harness and a ten foot leash that is monitered by someone at all times. We do not check under since we have never let a cat out but if we ever do I'll be sure to keep an eye onn that. Thank You. Yes a lot of cats around but not much are free to go outside, but the ones that do might be checked up on but I have seen two cats fighting from my living room window. I now 3 cats that are let outside but probably there are more. I hope that help you. I am going out to see my moms friend with her and she has two HUGE cats. (Bro and Sis) My mom will ask her how it is having 2 and if she says its good she might have another thought about it
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