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Originally Posted by Lauren D View Post
No he can not make me bleed since he is only 2 months. I don't think he is in much pain with the nails but I am going to a vet with him. I am also wanting to know if you need a personal vet for your cat? I am getting him neutered, and was wondering if he needs to be a certain age.
Yes, he can make you bleed even if he is only two months old. As L4H says, keep an eye on your eye. I think what you mean by a personal vet is do you need to have the same vet all the time for your kitten. Yes, it would be a good idea. That way the vet gets to know your kitten, the way it acts, and can possibly pick up on illnesses sooner. The popular age for kittens to be neutered is six months. However, some vets do neuter sooner than that. One vet I have gone to does them once they get to two pounds. Some do it as young as six or seven weeks. Being male I feel it would be better for you to wait till your little one is six months. That way his testicles will have "dropped".

Originally Posted by Lauren D View Post
I am thinking of him being an indoor cat but everytime I open the door he wants to go out. Should he be an indoor cat forever? I don't think thats fair but will he get used to it? Once he gets of age and can fend for himself should I let him outside? Most adults are outdoor cats and I can think of him livng indoors all of his life! Can I get him neutered within a month or 2? Anyway I will ask and see if I can get another and if not I would like to know what I could to keep him from biting while we are playing with him or doing our own things. Thank you again
Could you tell us why you don't think it's fair for him to be an indoor only cat? It is sure a lot safer for him unless you can guarantee he can not leave your yard. Even then it may not be totally safe.
Let me ask you some questions and see what answers you come up with......
Is your yard completely fenced in? Including the top so a cat can not scale it? Are you close to a busy road? How will you train your kitten to stay off that, or any other, road? Do you have dogs roaming your area? Do you live in the country where there is a possibility of coyotes? Do you (or your parents) check under the hood of your car every time before you start it? That is a favourite place for outdoor kitties to hide to keep warm in the winter. Is there other wildlife around the kitten may fight with? Are there other cats around to fight with? Do you know what shots the other cats have had if any? Diseases between cats are quite common when you deal with outdoor cats.
Those are only a few questions you should ask yourself when considering letting your cat out. Your mom has been very fortunate to still have her cat at that age with no injuries.

Originally Posted by Lauren D View Post
I can afford this one but another one? Can it be from the same litter? Because I might go back and pick up 1 more. My mom had an outdoor cat named Lublu (means love) she's an outdoor cat and she is 15-17 years old. I hope thoughs ideas work. What will life be like without another cat around?
As to whether or not you can afford another cat...... that is something you and your mother will have to sit down and discuss. It sounds like you still live at home with her? Maybe you can start by putting away say 10% of any money you make in a special account just for the cat(s). That way when you have to take one to the vet there will be money available. Or you can make a deal with your mom to pay back a certain amount each month until your debt is paid off. Yes, the kittens can be from the same litter. In fact, that is preferable. They know each other, although they have been away from each other and there will be a small adjustment period, and will have the same socialization issues.

A great site to read is:
It will give you some ideas on how to integrate new kittens with the resident cat(s).

As for playing so the kitten learns never to scratch or bite... every single time the kitten goes to bite say no sharply or clap your hands. Make sure you always have a toy handy to give to the kitten instead of your hands/feet/face. You can get some good toys at dollar stores most times. The wand type are excellent. They are like fishing rods that you can wave for the kitten and engage him for hours. He will love batting at it and jumping for it. You can also get toy mice and hold one end while the kitten plays with the other. That way you are tiring him out and he will be less likely to attack your fingers, etc.
But, as L4H said, the best play thing is always another kitten of similar age. That way they tucker each other out and are less likely to attack you and cause scratches and bites.
Here's a video on clipping cats claws. Also, when you go to the vet to have the kitten health checked and the ingrown claws checked ask them to show you how to trim them yourself.
Assumptions do nothing but make an ass out of u and me.

We can stick our heads in the sand for only so long before it starts choking us. Face it folks. The pet population is bad ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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