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Originally Posted by Lauren D View Post
Today he bit me right below the eye when I was holding him. I turning a corner and I moved my head. He saw that as a moving object and bit. There is a patch of red. He is very playful and was raised on a farm with not very much care. The nights are getting colder and I am sure he was staying outside most of the time. Getting another kitten is possible since all the kittens there are free, but with my family I don't think thats much of an option. I hope everything works out. Thank you everybody who will help.
If he broke the skin with his teeth, keep a very close eye on it for infection and the first sign go to your doctor. Cat bites can be very dangerous.

Chico could have a point that the bite could be from pain. Please see your vet about those claws.

Socialization of a kitten is very important while they are young. You could try hissing at the kitten to see if your kitten gets the message that biting hard is not acceptable, but please don't yell or hit it will only make matters worse.

Taking care of 2 kittens is actually easier than taking care of one. They occupy and poop each other out. Feeding and cleaning of litter boxes is really not much more work. And you will be doing a wonderful thing by rescuing a kitty from living a horrible, dangerous life outside.
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