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Unhappy How to stop a kitten from biting + Ingrown Nails

I have a kitten that is 2 months old. His name is Cleo. He has a trouble playfighting/biting hands, arms, legs, and feet. When we first got him we thought that it was ok and just having fun but we don't want him to do that when he gets older and gets out of controll. Will he still do it? Is it a "kitten" stage of life? We have "mice" (gerbils) that he likes watching but he could never get them. Is that making him do that? He crys then starts biting. He loves playing with my hair and usually only does that when he's hyper. But now he's doing that all the time. Thank you.

My Kitten (Cleo) has two ingrown nails. One one his front Left Paw and the other on his front Right Paw, both on the same "finger". Is that going to effect him later on in his life? One has his nail dug into his skin and barely IS a nail. The other is very interesting. It has a nail put almost has two "pink parts" and also is dug into his skin. The way it is growing it also odd. Thank you
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