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LOL, those strollers are great, my girl can walk fine but is lazy so she would just love it, just imagine me pushing a 35kg shepherd down the road, hmmm... i have never heard of crate training till i came here, but it seems to be a solution to anxiety seperation probs, boy did i lose alot of candles and things when i first got her 8 years ago. I have seen such things used to store pigging dogs/ hunting dogs on trucks ect. my girl just has so much freedom, i just couldnt imagine putting her in a crate, she would probably bite me LOL, but maybe you could make a fortune selling these things to parents, oh i have a neice that could use one, growl... but to think that people would abuse the training tool, just makes me mad, poor puppies should put their owners in the cages and see how they like it, and perhaps poke them with sticks as well..... it seems a little cruel to lock up a dog, why get a dog if it is to be locked up, but i was lucky to get such an easy to train dog, she just hung out from day one and has constant acess to house and yard at all times and has never in 8 years left our yard and wouldnt leave (she is as happy as a pig in sh#@). chico2 have you looked at the cages they use to store chooks in, they are similar to the crate and quite easy to carry with a good view. and out of interest people with crates, do you have big backyards??
thank you very much everybody for you info, you are all just a fount of really useful knowledge, there is a wealth of experience here
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