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Bearded Dragon

I kind of am taking care of a bearded dragon for the next 5 days as a result of a rash decision. I was at a get together and I know this one girl has a bearded dragon she usually brings everywhere with her so I asked her how it was doing? she told me ohh she's downstairs in my purse (yahhh.) and actually she was looking for someone to petsit her for a few days. I told her I wouldn't mind...turns out she was leaving the next morning , way to last minute things.

Anyhooo Ive been given no food, no setup no nothing. Just a here's habla (dragon) at the end of the night, put her in your purse. Umm dude how can I care for her??? Oh she's gonna hibernate, put her in a box for the 5 days, don't need to feed her.

Sure enough she hasn't moved, like literally moved at all, for the past 48 hours. It's still alive though, I guess it is indeed hibernating.

I guess I just wanted to see if this sounds alright to anyone? I don't want to kill the poor thing but her owner has had her a while now so I guess she knows what she's talking about. I love how she never even took my number or anything, I'm not sure she even knows my name. We do have lots of mutual friends tho.

I googled and google makes me think this poor thing has not been having adequate care at all.
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