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Happy to hear Gizzy is happier and things are improving, especially between your bf's attitude and Gizzy. Glad to hear bf is happier and more positive with Gizzy who's certainly responding to him in an affectionate way and showing how much he appreciates the change. This sounds like one of my spays I had many years ago who held a grudge against my hubby for accidentally stepping on her. He never apologized to her for it, and she avoided him from then on and hubby ignored her and never talked nice to her. Finally I convinced him to try sweet-talking her after about 12 yrs! And she responded very much like Gizzy did quite quickly and ended up being his lap cat! So cat's can change if treated and talked to with respect and love. Hope everthing continues to get better from here on.

The Zoom Groom sounds like a fabulous grooming tool, I've seen them but first time I've heard how cats like them. Certainly sounds better than a wire slicker brush as the rubber teeth probably give a nice massage. My Devon Rexes shed very very little, but I occasionally run a comb through my girl's coat as it's a little thicker than my boy's.
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