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Originally Posted by NakedSun View Post
I bought my first dog at a petstore. I know many people say not to do it, but I got enraptured with him. Makes me sad he can have come from a puppy mill. On the plus side the pet store took fabulous care of the animals once they were there. Walking them several times a day, having outdoor play space and being right next to the vet office.

I just rescued a dog yesterday from a rescue group. For the last few weeks I've been on a search for the perfect companion for me. I was shocked at some of the humane societies I visited. There were people walking straight in, talking with the volunteers for a few moments before taking a dog home before. I asked at one of the locations if that person had been in previously and nope. I find it hard to imagine they're accurately matching dogs based on life styles through a few minute discussion. Not only that, but the cages they kept the dogs in were disgusting and tiny. Far worse than some pet stores I've seen. Really shocked.

Captain Crash was at a rescue group. I submitted an application and they sent him home with me within a day. No requirements had to be met aside from the fact they asked who was in my house. Surprised me as well.

I question if rescue shelters are any better than pet stores at times. The adoption fee for Crash was through the roof. (they are affliciated with the Humane Society)
Like any shelter or rescue group, all vary. All I can tell you with certainty (regardless of the care of the animal or the conditions of the cages) buying at a petstore enables the brokers and the millers to operate. Shelters and rescue groups are picking up the pieces.
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