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Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
Right now, she thinks he's
just not eating enough. She also is an advocate of feeding wet food,
but she said that giving him a bit of dry might help. He has lost another
ounce in 2 weeks.

She suggested the Purina Pro Plan Senior, that is what the specialist gives
her older cat. I am concerned of course about the phosphorous numbers.

I've got some Wellness Core Dry, he gobbled that right up.
Wellness Core Dry is too high in phos for my liking @ 1.40% dry matter phos, though the protein level is good for weight gain dry matter 55.87%, fat dry matter 20.33%.

For lower phos you would be better to go with:

Wellness Indoor @ 0.85% dry matter phos, Protein dry matter 33.53%, Fat dry matter 14.13%

Wellness Complete Health Adult Salmon, Salmon Meal & Deboned Turkey @ 1.01%, Protein dry matter 39.78%, Fat dry matter 20.65%

Wellness Complete Health Adult Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Rice @ 1.12%, Protein dry matter 40%, Fat dry matter 20.26%

Eagle Pack Holistic Select Dry Duck @ 1.13, Protein dry matter 35.4%, don't have actual value for fat but it is around 20%

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
I did tell her about the Renafood, she had not heard of it. Could this possibly
be part of the problem?
No, I can't see how it would affect weight.
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