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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I went to some of our local garden shops to see if anyone had any short shepherd's hooks available. No one had any left! I need some to hang Irish Spring soap from in the well garden next year--it's supposed to keep away the deer who don't like the smell any better than hazel does

So you need to hang the "It's manly - but I like it too!" soap? Never heard of that before.

We have blazing stars blooming out along the town roads, klm. I should keep an eye on them to see if the hummers like them! It would be a plus if they provided a little nectar for your visitors. But regardless, the birds will probably ignore your flowers once they find the bounty of the feeders.
The store I went to yesterday only had 2 double hooks left. I'm not sure if the hummers will like the gay feather but there are plenty of other trumpet like flowers around the feeder. Haven't seen a hummer nor any orioles in a couple days. I think their gone now.
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