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Originally Posted by RobinH View Post
There are a lot of them out there with volunteers who work tirelessly for their cause. I love the Rescue that I found. I won't give their name, as this is a public forum and it is not my place to do so. Just know they are out there... doing what they do, loving what they do, and acting above and beyond the call.
Excellent! Though I have adopted all of my animals from various places I have had only 2 experiences with formal rescue organizations. The first one was not very good and didn't seem to care what happened to the dog once she had been adopted. Fortunately I had adopted her and believe an animal is for life. I gave her everything she needed including surgery until she passed away last year.

I have no idea what happened to the other dogs she had in her rescue because I have heard things about her since that are not at all complimentary that she puts the animals at risk by overcrowding.

This last one I found is absolutely wonderful and is so committed to her work as a rescue organization and transporter that I can only admire her dedication. She has taken problem animals and worked with them until they are ready to be adopted. She also does disaster work going to areas like New Orleans during Katrina to help with the animals there and transport them to other places where they could be saved.

I keep in touch with her because I am so impressed with her dedication to animals. She also encourages me to send her pictures and periodic bulletins about the dog I rescued from her and as far as I'm concerned that is the sign of a true animal lover and someone who deserves the name rescuer
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