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Aztec meets Cinnamon Girl

CG has started jumping the kitten room baby-gate. Aztec, for the most part, isn't too terribly upset by that. He hisses and does some low growling, which I expected. Doesn't run away unless she gets all in his face. It's her reaction to him that I didn't expect. She wuvs him! Wants to be his "special friend", if you know what I mean . Yup, CG is in heat! And let me tell you, a semi-feral Siamese in heat is something to behold . I think that's what's most disconcerting to Aztec: he's never seen such a brazen hussy before, rolling around on all his stuff, following him everywhere like a lost puppy, staring longingly into his eyes. And the yowling! Oh my, can that girl yodel. If there are any un-neutered males left in my neighbourhood, I'll no doubt find them camped out on my doorstep.

So ya, anyone who thinks momma cats that are still nursing kittens won't go into heat, should come to my house. With earplugs.

I must admit, I find it kinda cute that CG thinks Aztec would make a suitable suitor, given his geriatric-ness and lack of testicular fortitude. All he does is stare back at her with a look of mostly disgust, and maybe a hint of curiosity. But disgust features prominently. I tell him he should be flattered, she's quite a hotty.

But this does bode well at least for Aztec and CG being able to potentially co-exist in the future. When she's been spayed and isn't so "attentive" (ie "annoying"). My next problem is going to be figuring out how to deal with CG eating all of Aztec's food......
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