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Originally Posted by HelenNutmeg View Post
SOS Quebec Ontario Dog rescue GTA GREATER TORONTO AREA - ON L6S 1W8

They are wanting help but know one has any experience with this group..

"We are a group made of a few volunteers dedicated to help a Quebec pound named "Fourrière d’Alma 2007", located in a small town in Northern Québec (Alma) which also serves all the surrounding municipalities and villages which are mainly farm land, this is why the pound often gets over populated with puppies and large breed dogs"
I adopted my husky Kina from this shelter exactly a year ago. Her status was *urgent when I saw her picture on petfinder. I contacted SOS right away and they were very quick to return my email. Within the week the adoption papers will filled out and they were arranging a transport for the next week. I picked up Kina at the meeting spot with all the other waiting parents. I found that they were very organized and very friendly. When my dog jumped off the truck, I didn't know what to think. I've never had a dog before. Now what I know what she is supposed to look like, looking back she was in bad shape. She was in the shelter for at least 2-3 months. They told me she was badly under weight. Her fur was a urine yellow with knots of tangeled hair all over her neck, her nails long and jagged and she was in need of a good bath. If she was in the shelter for so long why was she in this condition? I know they are unstaffed and have so many dogs, but still. It's so sad. It's been a year and Kina is a beautiful girl with fluffy soft white hair and I know she's so happy! SOS was very good at promptly getting rid of the animals, as far as caring for them, I'm not so sure. As far as choosing a dog shelter to adopt from, I do not discriminate. The animal does not have a choice on where it ends up. I know people who will not adopt from certain shelters because of what they've heard but every dog needs a chance at a good life. If I ever did adopt another dog I would adopt from SOS (Alma) again just because I had a pretty good experience. Not that Kina would let me share my attention with another pup!
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