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I am going to also suggest a vet visit with a thorough examination. Not just bladder seeing as he is also defecating. A blood work up would be called for in this situation.
Because of the timeline I would not think it's the move that did this. You say he was fine for the first couple of months and started urinating and defecating after that so it just does not fit that he was upset with the move. If that was the case he would have started his behaviour within days of moving to the new house.
Are the litter boxes near the washing machine or dryer or any other appliance that could have started up noisily while he was in the box and scared him? That is sometimes enough to throw him off using the box. Does your other cat ambush him while he is trying to use the box? That also would make him stop using it. Did you or your wife perhaps unknowingly scare him while he was using the box? All of these things can be enough to make him stop using the box and choose other spots.
I agree with Winston in getting a longer, squatter box to use for litter. Also, you could try Dr Elsey's Cat Attract litter.,,q5pt,00.html That may be a start to help solve your problems. First stop though - the vets.
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