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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
Welcome to the forum. Well your very senior kitty has gone through a lot of changes and this no doubt has upset him, and "inappropriate elimination" is often a common problem. But it has been over a year now since you moved in Jan. 2009 First thing is to have him checked by a vet to see if there is a urinary problem . It's most likely behavioural, but better to have it checked. I think he should be confined to one room while you are out working, with his litter box, food, etc. If the younger one and your old cat have a cuddle buddy or generally friendly close relationship, it would be better to have the two of them together in one room. That way he won't feel so "lost". Most cats 17 y.o. tend to sleep a lot during the day. When he's more settled in the one room, do give him exploration time when you're home to surpervise. Hopefully with lots of attention when you're home he will be assured and comfortable that this is now his new home. Cats like a routine and hopefully this will give him some stability. Let us know how things work out.
i guess it's past time for a vet visit. for the first couple of weeks in the new house we did keep them together when we left for work in the room with the box, food and water and let them out when we came home. it was ok at first but after a while this started to happen. the second box is smaller and shorter so we thought that would help but it really hasn't.
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