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Our older cat goes to the bathroom all over the house

this is my first post here so let me say hello to everyone here.

we have two cats. the older one is about 17 and the younger about 7. at the end of 2008 we sold our house on long island for a move to the albany,ny area as the result of a promotion for my wife. during a period of about 5 weeks, we had to board both cats on long island during an unexpectedly long closing period. a friend of ours in the new area volunteered to take them until we got settled in after finally closing on the new house. that added another week or so and yet another move for them. we finally got them into our new home shortly after in the end of january 2009. all in all, they were in our old house, the vet's facility, our friend's place and then our new house all in a 6-7 week period. i know this is not good for cats but we had no choice. the younger one took to the new place right away and was glad to be with us again. the older one didn't seem so adaptable. we even had trouble getting him out of the carrier. after a couple of months he started to poop and pee in various parts of the house. we made sure the one litter box we had was clean and have even added a second one on the main floor of the house. the first is in a second floor bathroom. aside from leaving us 'gifts' around the house, he had started to wait for us to come home from work and poop right in front of us. obviously he is not happy about something. we still haven't gotten to a vet up here although he seems fine. he eats and drinks fine and stays in the room where we are. he isn't as friendly as the younger cat to visitors but that has always been. we are so close to doing something we don't want to do but we are at a total loss.

has anyone here had this problem? any help is greatly appreciated.
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