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Thinking about adding a rescue pup (Bluetick Coonhound) to our lives

I'm new to this forum and we currently have a 9 yr. old Border Collie/Aussie mix female. She's a sweet girl and our only dog (Amy). We also have a 10 year old Senegal parrot.
We are thinking about introducing a 6 month old rescue Bluetick coonhound/mix to our household but don't want to create too much stress for our little furgirl (we've always been a one dog at a time family).

This pup is 6 mos. old and has been living with mom and sibs in shelter since shortly after birth. She is very sweet and seems pretty calm. I think she would adjust well to us. She would be an indoor dog and we have a fenced yard. I walk our Amy daily (at least 2 miles) so new pup would be walked daily, too.

How best can we introduce our Amy to new pup (Suzie) and help Amy adjust to Suzie presence into her domain?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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